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Membership Requirements:

1. You are a member in good standing of the State Bar of California (or the Bar of another jurisdiction).

2. You have substantial experience for at least five years in copyright, entertainment, or communications field.

3.  You attended at least 3 of the last 12 regular membership meetings of the Society, as a guest, prior to the date upon which you application is submitted.

4.  You have a letter of sponsorship from a current member of the Society to submit with your application


Please complete this application, and then send your sponsor letter and resume to membership.lacs@gmail.com. If you are approved, we will generate and send you an invoice for $200 which will cover your dues of $150 for the current year, plus a one-time transaction fee of $50.

Want to become an Associate?

LACS Associate Program Policy:

 A non-member who is an attorney in good standing with a state Bar but who does not meet the requirement for membership that he or she “[has] been a member in good standing of the State Bar of California (or of the Bar of another jurisdiction) with substantial experience in the copyright, entertainment or communications field for at least five years,” may become an LACS “Associate” by attending one meeting with the usual host requirement and then, within 60 days of that meeting, requesting in writing that he or she be added to the LACS email notification list. No board review or approval will be necessary for a person who submits such an application to become an Associate; the status will be bestowed automatically by the submission of the application and a payment of $60 annual dues.

 An LACS Associate may, for a period of 12 months after achieving that status, attend meetings without the necessity of a sponsor host. He or she will be included on the regular email list of meeting notices, and he or she can RSVP on his or her own accord instead of, as now, by making his or her guest reservation through a current LACS member. LACS Associates shall pay the same dinner fee as paid by guests. At the end of the 12 month period, LACS Associates may re-establish his or her Associate status by again complying with the requirements of paragraph 1, above. However, no LACS Associate may maintain Associate status for longer than 5 years.

 RSVPs by members and their specifically invited guests have priority over RSVPs by LACS Associates. The LACS will notify Associates at least 48 hours prior to the meeting if there is no room at the event for the Associates.

 Subject to all applicable By-laws, Associate status is not a prerequisite to apply for membership. Associate status is an option designed to encourage and to facilitate attendance at meetings by interested parties who do not otherwise qualify for membership, without the necessity of having a host at every event.

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Existing Members

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